Marketing Videos

They say ‘A picture can say a thousand words’. What about a video? What about both? Combining the advantages of video with your still photography branding is a very powerful marketing tool. At Filipek Photography we can create a Fusion video project that takes full advantage of what a video and still image can bring to your marketing. Short form video fusion projects are perfect to use in virtual trade shows, social media and to introduce yourself to your prospective customers in a way that engages them with what you do

Paper Panache Invitations & Design

This video was developed for Paper Panache. It is an introduction of Paper Panache and it was used in a trade show. It would also be awesome as an introduction video on a landing page of the company's website.

Big Rock Eddies

This video was developed and submitted to the Eddies in Calgary. We made it to the final group and were able to attend the show.