Cell Phone Photos vs Real Camera Photos.

Cell Phone Photos vs Real Camera Photos.

The argument I hear often is why does my business need professional photos of the products we sell? The camera on my phone takes perfectly good photos. In most cases that might be true, the cameras they have on cell phones now days are great. But just like my last post about this Selfie vs Pro-Photographer , there is a lot more to this topic than you realize.

The biggest difference between using your cell phone to take your product photos and having me or another professional photographer take them for you is not the camera. Its the person behind the camera.


Having me take your product photos mean that not only do you get photos, but you get the Strategy Sessions needed to set those photos into a context that not only aligns with your brand but conveys the right message to your customers.

Just like with using a cell phone to create a headshot. When all things are equal, the professional camera will always create a better more interesting image.

But if you’re still not sure here are a few tips which should allow you to get more out of your cell phone product photos.

First. Slow down. 99% of the time it takes to make the photo is putting the pieces together. The act of taking the actual photo is the smallest part of the process.

Second. Find lots of natural shade. Harsh light will ruin your product photos. Even light will bring out all the fine details and have your product stand out.

Third. Make it interesting. Don’t just use a white backdrop. Leave that for Catalog work or Amazon. If you want your customers to notice your photos than you need to make it interesting.

Fourth. Use a self timer. No one want to see blurry photos and using a self timer will get rid of most of that problem.

I know it may seem like a lot of work but the more effort you put into your photos the more they will get noticed. And in turn your business will get noticed.

If your still not sure, why don’t you set up a call with me and together, we can see what you are currently doing for your product photos and how we can make them better. And don’t forget to download my guide on the Top 5 VISUAL ASSETS every business needs.

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