Selfie vs Pro Photographer Headshot.

Selfie vs Pro Photographer Headshot.

Which is going to give you a better headshot? You using your iPhone camera or getting a professional headshot done. I’m going to fully admit as a professional photographer, I am a little biased in this topic but bare with me.

If all things are equal the professional headshot is always going to make you look better than your camera phone. Unfortunately, things are rarely equal and that’s going to make your cell phone selfie headshot that you are using look so much worse than the professional headshot you could be using.

When you get a professional headshot done with Filipek Photography, or any professional photographer for that matter, this is what we bring to the table.

First, years of experience. My job is to make you look awesome. I’m going to do that.

Second, professional equipment. Experience matters but so does the gear we use as professional photographers. Our experience lets us know which lens to use in which situation. For headshots, my go to lens is the Canon 135mm f2L. Its a beast of a lens that makes anyone I have in front of it look amazing. But it has taken me years of trial and error to be able to use that lens right.

Thirds, a team of experts. Getting a professional headshot is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Wardrobe, hair & makeup, background, lighting and camera. Together we bring all these pieces together to create an amazing image for you.

Finally, its a lot of fun! When I do my headshot sessions, I make sure my clients are having a good time. Music is playing, we are telling stories and creating real emotion and real moments which makes a profound difference in the photos.

There is lots of moving pieces but in the end, you get a photo that you can not only be proud of but are able to utilize it along so many different areas.

Still not convinced. Ok, well if you are going to use your camera phone. Here are a few tips on getting it better.

First, use the main camera. The main camera on phones is 2-3x better quality than the one you use for selfies. So, use that one! You’re also going to need a phone stand or something to hold your phone to do this.

Second, get in front of a big window, preferably north facing. The more light that’s in the image the better you are going to look.

Third, if you can’t get someone else to take the photo for you, use a self timer or get a selfie stick to get some distance between you and the camera.

Fourth. Fill the frame! Your cell phone headshot needs to be of you. Your headshot should take up about 2/3rds of the frame.

This might sound like a lot of work but trust me, its worth it! But if its more work than you are wanting to do, than be sure to give me a call. id be happy to create an amazing headshot for you, just like I did with these past clients Headshot Photography.

While you are taking a look around don’t forget to get a copy of my guide of the top 5 Visual Assets every business needs.

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