Hockey Marathon For The Kids

To see something incredible is rare, to be a part of something incredible might only happen once in a life time. From May 4-14, 2014 The Hockey Marathon for the Kids took place in Chestermere, AB. 40 men did something that would put them into the history books, literally. They played the world’s longest hockey game lasting 248hrs and raised over $2million dollars for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. I was very honored to be there to capture so many amazing moments during those 11 days. This event became very close to my hart and will be one of the most important things I have covered in my photographic career.
The following is a gallery selected from the over 6000 images captured during the marathon. Remember these men are your next door neighbors, the guy down the street & at your local pub. Men who because of their heart became hero’s to so many.